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Reproductive Health Massage

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  • ประชาชื่น 02 9110978  
Bamboo Massage  ปกติ 2,500 บาท พิเศษในเวลา 9.30-13.00 น .1,900 บาท

  • บางใหญ่  Emotional Mind Therapy  ในเวลา 10.00-13.00 น. 2,000 บาท จากปกติ 3,000 บาท 

Emotional Mind Therapy Massage Massage to create emotional freedom. The massage is very appropriate. Tailored to care for people with emotional illness.

Working purpose
Message from the teacher

On behalf of the caretaker 

On behalf of the admin of BanAuksika " Hello(Sawasdee) everybody and who are interested in JabKaSai (Kasai line handle)

Many people knew Jab Kasai massage and understood the original kasai massage.

In ancient times the kasai massage will do for high level boss only.

It because less of skillful and knowledge of thai massager.

So science of kasai massage it is valuables.

Because of Thai traditional medicine. And Thai masseuse skilled. The knowledge of the treatment is minimal. Only honorable people and status will receive this massage.

                 Massage for healthy reproductive system The house in Akatsika Received from teachers. A number We have brought together knowledge. Used in the maintenance of physical health. It is a multi-pleasing treatment.

By the breakdown of the disease, so you have to gradually read the study. Details before choose to use it. And the house of Argosy Focus on healthy massage. By virtue and on the basis of knowledge only.

We have a purpose For a healthy reproductive massage For reproductive succession only good. 

Angvara Viengtam 30/3/2560 Time 15:56 Pm.


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The Granny Wisdom Trainning Center 

A professional therapist for Man and ladies and gents body treatment. Living in Nontabury,Bangkok, Thailand. For enquiry and appointment, please contact me: +66-9110978 (available day and night daily)