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Premature Ejaculation Treatment Massage 

The treatment of premature ejaculation premature.

2 hr 75 USD   1.5 Hr 60 USD

The penis can be stabilized in a longer time.
Not to shed over a reasonable time.

Jap Kasai 

During the Karsai massage you will find two feelings, you will be feeling very sensual and relaxed at the same time, and you will feel ejaculation.

Finally as you begin to massage the lingam use firm slow strokes working the massage oil into the shaft and on the head. Squeeze gently from the base and move upward. Using your fingers massage the head and apply gentle pressure to the frenulum. Repeat. The purpose of the massage is not ejaculation. Men can have one or more orgasms without ejaculation using this technique.

*** ejaculation may be driven by unexpectedly. Moving body automatically in the body.

Information about penis massage

Do you know penis massage techniques and benefits

Today there are a lot of massage techniques available for increasing the length and circumference of the penis. The main intention behind these exercise performance is to increase blood flow so as to hold a good amount of blood in the tissues of the penis. Do you know the bright penis massage technique and its benefits are used for improving your performance? Jelqing and Balloon two techniques, the best advice is used to massage male organs. Prior to doing these exercises, it is wise to lubricate the region for achieving good results. Nowadays a number of penis oil massage machines are available in the market for ease of user assistance. An emotional massage oil pill is a herbal lubricant product adapted to enhance the health of the penis.

The use of emotional pole oil prior to penis massage technique will save your time and help to increase the impact. This oil is made out of herbs and safe to use due to lack of side effects. Using emollient oil is a lubricant that helps to improve energy, strength and strength. Akarkara, heeng, weer bahuti, kasthuri and kesar are some of the key ingredients that increase the production of massage oil. Prevention of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction longer is some of the benefits of using this massage oil. The practice of jelqing massage techniques is usually started in the male seminal organs. Here, you will massage from the base to the penis shaft using your thumb and fingers.

The jelqing process over and over again with the other hand about ten to fifteen times for achieving better results. Filling faster of the blood in the tissues of the penis is one of the major benefits of jelqing exercise. After the regular exercise of this milking tenchnique, a few weeks ago you could analyze the results, though. Jelqing is an ancient massage technique, it helps in the rapid improvement of the hardness and strength of the penis. It would be advisable to mainly use emotional pole oil before doing jelqing exercises, which will help to maintain a simple sliding action with resistance during movement. It is also advisable to keep some small strokes during the massage to achieve good blood circulation.

Balloon is another important penis massage technique done for satisfying sexual desire. It is usually done by holding it ejaculated about three to five times during sexual activity. If you need some stimulation, you can use some of the blood circulation stimulant, such as Kohinoor Gold, which will create a rapid arousal. After the construction, it is recommended to massage the genital area, both to increase blood circulation easier. Stimulating the growth of the cavernose corpora, increasing the penis length and hardness of the penis will have other important benefits in performing this massage technique.

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